Working with children

Exams, peer pressure, homework, family, friendships and other external circumstances can easily make children feel overwhelmed, anxious, insecure and even depressed.

Through my work, I introduce a simple understanding of how our minds work.  As a result your child will start to understand that:

  • Feelings are the result of thinking and have nothing to do with what’s going on outside of them
  • All feelings are normal
  • Their feelings have no effect on their ability to take action
  • The nature of thinking is that it is temporary and comes and goes naturally
  • They are unshakeable at their core. Perfect mental health is the constant part of them and it never goes anywhere.
  • They can rely on their innate wellbeing for wisdom, resilience, creativity, kindness, confidence and calm.

I work weekly with secondary school children in a youth working capacity, so have experience of coaching around the typical issues that arise for this age group.  I have also worked in groups and privately with primary school children and have engaging ways of helping them understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions.

If you have a child who is suffering with their mental health and have so far found nothing that has helped, then please get in touch for an initial no-obligation chat.

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