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Who is the Wild Wellbeing Programme for?

The Wild Wellbeing programme is for any child between 7-11 years old. The programme is not only helpful for children who specifically need mental and emotional support, but it is also beneficial to every child as they grow up trying to navigate the ups and downs on life.

I can deliver it for whole classes in schools (in a green outdoor space and with the support of teachers and TAs) or I run the programme privately for limited numbers of children (up to 10) at the Wild Wellbeing base at Botrea Farm, Newbridge. The programme is perfect for parents who wish to prepare their child mentally and emotionally for life, or whose children are struggling to understand and manage their feelings, as well as schools, agencies and charities working with children who need extra emotional support.

How Long Is the Programme?

This full course is slow-paced and in-depth to give the children the space they need to connect with themselves and the natural world. It is delivered every week, over the course of 16 sessions, with each session lasting 2-3 hours and covering topics that pupils can specifically relate to. Each session builds on the previous one and as the programme unfolds each week, pupils will start to gain a better understanding of themselves and others, as part of the natural world, developing essential social and emotional skills and delving into their creative potential. 

The benefits of the Wild Wellbeing©️ programme are:

  • mental wellbeing (ability to handle gracefully whatever life presents to them) 
  • an understanding of themselves as part of the natural world
  • social and emotional health 
  • improved academic performance 
  • improved personal and learner behaviour 
  • better personal relationships 
  • better connectedness to people and the world around them 

I also offer a 6 Week Course which covers the main elements of the full programme.  Although we don’t go into all of the topics, children will still gain a deeper sense of who they are and a better connection to themselves by understanding the natural world.

The delivery of this programme includes outdoor group coaching and engaging nature-based activity sessions, Wild Wellbeing workbooks, all materials and an end-of-programme evaluation tool are included..

As a Trauma Informed Practitioner, I can also work 1:1 with children who might need more individual attention, to support and promote their wellbeing. 

Please contact me for more information on my Wild Wellbeing©️ Outdoor Programme.