We ARE Nature

In my work, I highlight to children that we are a part of nature.  It’s not that there’s nature and then there’s us on the outside looking in on it, but we are literally a part of it. The same energy, that powers it up, powers us up!  We are an interconnected web of life, all dependent on each other – for instance we cannot survive without trees and they cannot survive without us.  We need bees to pollinate plants and flowers and if they were to die out, we would soon follow!

Nature permeates every part of our daily lives, whether we see it or not.  From the cotton clothes that we wear with animal designs, the wooden table we sit at, the floral wallpaper we hang and the paint on our walls. Colours, designs, patterns – all inspired by nature!   And not to mention the more obvious connections that we are more aware of such as the food we eat and the essential oils that we use. 

Whilst we look to nature as an inspiration in our daily lives, we rarely consider the deeper side of it such as what is the intelligence behind it?  How do flowers know when to bloom or birds to migrate?  But the more we get curious about it, the more we can see that we are one and the same energy and that the laws that apply to Mother Nature also apply to us.   By fully understanding the similarities between ourselves and the natural world, we can go forward in our lives feeling supported with our emotional and mental wellbeing and with the understanding that we have everything we need to live life to our full potential.

All of the characteristics that are true for nature are also true for us.  We can see that nature is wise, it’s built to thrive, it goes at its own pace, it doesn’t judge, it’s confident, it’s adaptable, it’s resilient, it’s rhythmic, it’s connected and it’s simple.  We might not see that these qualities are part of our innate make up, but they really are.  The only thing that gets in the way of us experiencing them at times is our thinking.  But when we are in the flow, with not a lot on our mind, we can absolutely see that our lives work in the same way as the natural world.

So next time you’re out in the woods, the beach, your back garden or the park, be more curious.  Take some time to really marvel at the wonder of the natural world and start to spot the similarities between yourself and nature, from the veins in a leaf to the veins in your hand or the two parts of a walnut to the two hemispheres of your brain!  Start a journal, take some pictures and make a list every time you make a connection and reflect on each one and ask yourself, ‘What can I learn here?’ and ‘What is Mother Nature telling me?’

I would love to hear your discoveries so please feel free to share them here on my Facebook page.  Happy naturing!

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