How to make your own pinecone garland

How to make your own pinecone garland

I’ve probably already mentioned this, but I love autumn. September in particular is my favourite month. All the trees, plants and flowers are producing fruits and seeds, which fall to the ground in the hope of germinating for next spring. One ‘seed’ you’ll start seeing more of littered across the woodland floor, are pinecones. There are plenty of craft uses for pinecones and I may post more at a later date, but one thing I think looks great hung over the fireplace (obviously be careful if hanging here. I wouldn’t recommend it when the fire is lit!), a bookcase, shelves or anywhere else you can think of, is a pinecone garland. They’re super easy to make with the kids and a great piece of homemade crafting to show off in your house. Follow the easy steps below and have fun making!

To get started, you will need to collect some pinecones from your local woodland. If you don’t live near woodland, you may even be able to purchase decorative pinecones online. The more you can collect the better, as you can always use them for other crafts later. If you have some essential oils like cinnamon, wild orange, clove…anything wintery really, then you can sprinkle a drop or two on each cone. This will make your room smell delicious and you can always add more drops as the scent fades.

You’ll also need some natural jute twine (I used 3 ply with a thickness of 1.82mm) and some small screw eyelets (4x8mm). I bought both of these off Amazon.

Materials you’ll need to get started

STEP 1: Take your first pinecone and screw an eyelet into the top of it. You may find it a bit tricky to screw it directly into the nobbly bit (where the pinecone attached to the branch) so just screw it anywhere around there. As long as it’s pretty much central, it’ll be ok. The screws go in nice and tight so you shouldn’t need any glue to secure it.

Step 1

STEP 2: Cut off a length of twine, a bit longer than the area you want to hang it, as you have to allow for tying knots. I cut off just over 6ft as I wanted to hang it over my fireplace. You may want to stick a piece of tape around the end to make threading easier. Tie a loop in one end then thread your first pine cone from the other end, leaving a small length after the loop. Tie a knot around the top of the screw to secure it.

Step 3

STEP 3: Continue threading and knotting pinecones onto the twine, leaving roughly an equal gap between each one. I used 9 to create mine, but how many you use depends on the space where you want to hang it. Once you’ve finished threading your pinecones, tie a loop in the end.

STEP 4: Ta da! Your garland is complete! If you wanted to, you could always jazz it up a bit by spraying the pinecones with sparkles or adding twinkly lights, which would be perfect for Christmas.

The Finished Garland
Hang over your fireplace

Since you have all the materials, there are other things you can make using the same technique such as a keyring/bag decoration, car air freshener or you could also use it as a decoration to hang from door handles/knobs or inside wardrobes.

Hang from door handles
Add to school bags for decoration
Car air freshener

I hope you’ll give it a go and would love you to share your creations on my social media pages 🙂

Much Love,

Jo x

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