If it ain’t love, it’s Thought!

If it ain’t love, it’s Thought!

Love is our default state (Image: Michael Fenton)

When I stumbled upon a new understanding of how life REALLY works, just over 7 years ago, it changed things for me in a deep way.  At the time, my second child was only 3 months old and I was suffering from severe anxiety, to the point where I had lost 2 stone in as many months, without even trying! 

I had suffered with anxiety on and off as a teenager, which continued into my twenties, but never to this extent.   I was always able to get on with life and ‘managed’ my way around it, mostly by avoiding situations.  But this time, it really floored me, even though on the face of it, I appeared ‘ok’ to family on friends.  

So, in my search to feel better, I did what many people do…I turned to Google to find out why I was feeling the way I was feeling and how I could get better.   In my quest for peace, I stumbled across a transformational coach called Michael Neill and psychologist Dr Amy Johnson, both of whom shared fundamental truths from the same understanding – that we are all innately psychologically well, but for our thinking! 

I immediately saw something in what they were saying.  Some kind of truth hit home.  And the relief that came with it was immense.  I could see for the first time that I was living in a world of thought, even though everything felt very real!  Every thought, emotion, and feeling all felt absolutely solid.  I had identified so much with what was scrolling through my mind, that I assumed it was me, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  

To know that you’re perfectly whole and well, underneath the constant chitter chatter of your mind, gives you somewhere solid to stand.  It’s like a safety net.  It means no more positive thinking, no more trying to swap this thought for that thought, no more judgement or analysis of your thinking and it means no more distracting yourself, trying to get rid of it!  When I REALLY saw the nature of Thought – that it’s just a continual conveyor belt of energy coming into your awareness, being brought to life, then dissolving away again, I was free.  Not of my thinking, but despite my thinking!

This space of innate wellbeing is beyond all Thought and we’ve all been there, we just don’t realise it.  It’s those moments of inspiration, wisdom, contentment, clarity and peace.  It may appear that these moments are the exception to the rule because it feels like we don’t visit there often, but, trust me, it’s your default state and you’re there more than you know.  

Every genius idea that you’ve had, the sudden remembering of where you put your car keys or the intuitive feeling to do or not do something, when your logical mind is telling you to do something else, all come from this space beyond Thought.  It’s impossible for us to live from this space all the time because that would be denying our human experience.   But just knowing it’s there is more than enough.  

Truly understanding that life works from the inside out is the greatest gift you can ever have.  To make this even simpler, I’ve distilled it down further to, ‘If it ain’t love, it’s Thought!’  In other words, if you are not responding to people, yourself or the world around you from a place of love, compassion, empathy or understanding, then you are reacting to your thinking!  It truly is that simple and if you know that that’s how we all work (without exception) you’re all set for a life where peace of mind is available to you in any moment, regardless of your external circumstances.

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