Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
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Working With Children 

Exams, peer pressure, homework, family, friendships and other external circumstances can easily make children feel overwhelmed, anxious, insecure and even depressed.   

My coaching is underpinned by the fundamental truth that all humans are innately psychologically well.  Unbreakable at our core, I explore with children in ways relevant to their age group, how our thoughts and feelings come and go, but the essence of who we are never changes.  I help children reconnect with nature whilst introducing them to a simple understanding of how our minds work.  As a result your child will start to understand that: 

  • Feelings are the result of their thinking in-the-moment and has nothing to do with circumstances
  • All feelings are normal  
  • Feelings have no effect on their ability to take action 
  • The nature of thinking is that it is temporary and comes and goes naturally 
  • They are unshakeable at their core.  Perfect mental health is the constant part of them and it never goes anywhere. 
  • They can rely on their innate wellbeing for wisdom, resilience, creativity, kindness, confidence and calm
  • They are a part of nature and as such are subject to the same characteristics

I have worked with secondary school children in a youth working capacity, so have experience of coaching around the typical issues that arise for this age group.  I have also worked in groups and privately with primary school-aged children and have engaging ways of helping them understand their thoughts, feelings and emotions. 

Find out more about the different services I offer below:

Wild Wellbeing Outdoor Programme

Nature of You Workshop

SPACE ( Supporting Parents And Children Emotionally) Programme

Private 1:1 Coaching

Wild Wellbeing Facilitator Training **COMING SOON**