Walk and Talk 1:1 Coaching

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I am a Trauma Informed Practitioner with experience of working with young people on a 1:1 basis. I offer nature/beach ‘walk and talk’ sessions for local clients within.

Being in the natural environment is beneficial in many ways:
  • it’s less intense than a therapy room where clients may feel uncomfortable with eye-to-eye contact
  • it opens minds and gives a different perspective on things
  • physical exercise, natural sounds and green spaces have a calming and positive effect on the brain and body, releasing ‘feel good’ chemicals
  • walking together promotes an equal partnership between coach and client. It removes the sense of ‘them and us, ‘ often making the client feel more free to open up
What is coaching?

Coaching is a collaborative exercise. It’s like having a ‘thinking partner.’ It’s not about giving advice, it’s about helping a child to understand how their thinking works and patterns of thought, so they can find answers for themselves. It’s about gentle inquiry and questioning the thoughts that they have, that they hold to be true.

Coaching is about focusing on the present and the future, whilst honouring the past. There is no ‘them’ and ‘us’ in coaching – it’s a level playing field and comes from an understanding that all humans operate in the same way.

How can coaching help my child?

Through series of coaching sessions, children can begin to unravel many issues, including those around:

  • Anxiety
  • Social interactions
  • Friendships
  • Self esteem and self confidence
  • Family troubles
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Self- worth
  • School pressures

Coaching offers a safe and confidential space for children to learn about themselves and take that new found understanding to make positive changes in their lives.

What about confidentiality?

Building a trusting and respectful relationship with the children I work with is key and everything we discuss in our session is confidential unless:

  • they give me permission to discuss the content of our sessions with their parent or guardian
  • they disclose information that I consider to be a safeguarding issue, in which case I will have to inform the relevant child safeguarding agencies
How can I book coaching sessions for my child?

In order to get the best out of coaching, I recommend a series of at least 6 sessions, although you may also book single sessions. If you’re not sure whether coaching is a good option for your child, I offer a free initial consultation so you can make a confident and informed decision going forward.

To get in touch, send me an email at info@thewildwellbeingcoach.com or call me on 07702192734.