Our Infinite Potential

When we are born, we’re a bundle of pure potential. A blank slate.  A spark of infinite light connected to the source from which we came.  Between the ages of 0-2 we start to distinguish ourselves from the world around us.  Our actions help us to do that…such as shaking rattles and banging saucepan lids to create noise and touching different surfaces and objects. This helps us to understand that we are an individual.  As we get older our individuality becomes more defined.  We have a sense of separate self – there is me and there is you!  We take on ideas and beliefs from school, the people around us, the media we consume and slowly our connection to that infinite potential – the Great Nothingness from which everything arises – appears severed and we are limited to achieving only what we believe is possible.  We rarely reach for the stars or go big because our thoughts tell us we can’t.  We stay within our comfort zone and live a contained life, with layers of conditioning and beliefs hiding the magnificence of who we really are.  

We never see that in nature.   An acorn always has the potential to be an oak tree and an egg always has the capacity to become a bird.  They don’t doubt themselves or live small.  Why?  Because they can’t think themselves out of it.  Unlike us, they’re connection to source isn’t compromised by thoughts or beliefs. 

But even though we get lost in our beliefs and adhere to our thoughts like they are real and solid, we must never lose sight of the fact that we can never be severed from the intelligence which is behind all of life.  We are that infinite power.  That magnificent potential.   A ball of magical energy with the capacity to achieve anything.  Don’t let your temporary self-sabotaging thoughts stop you.   Begin to question their validity. Where did they come from?  Your best thinking got you to where you are today.  When your thinking changes, so does your reality.

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