The Nature of You Workshop

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For schools, communities or individuals who are not able to commit to the time and cost of the full Wild Wellbeing©️ Outdoor programme, I am able to offer an a half-day Nature of You workshop for 8-12 year olds, which gives children a helpful insight into how humans operate.  Whilst they aren’t as in-depth as the full Wild Wellbeing©️ programme, this one-off workshop is still engaging with nature-based activities and will give children an initial understanding of how we work as part of nature.  The benefit of this workshop is that it opens up children’s thinking and enables them to see that they are part of a much bigger whole, giving them perspective and understanding around themselves, their behaviour and their potential.

This is a half-day introductory workshop for children aged 8-12, intentionally slow-paced, where we explore the essence of being human in relation to the natural environment, This workshop is more than just about getting outside. It is intentionally slow-paced, giving children the time and space they need to understand themselves and the world around them better. At the core of everything I do is the understanding that humans are nature and by really seeing how the natural world works, there is so much to learn about how we work.

It is my passion to share with children in this unique way, that they are born with innate mental health and I strive to provide them with information and experiences that can help them to really understand this for themselves.The Wild Wellbeing©️ ethos is not just about helping children feel better now – it’s about giving them a fundamental understanding of how humans work which can help them as they go forward in their lives. 

Through my teaching, I really encourage children to take a deeper look at nature through all of their senses. I offer them the chance to slow their minds and bodies down to the rhythm of nature, to look at how it naturally thrives, adapts, is resilient, creative, calm and wise and to turn their attention to themselves to see how that’s also true for them. 

After the workshop, children will understand that:  

  • We are all a part of nature and as such, we share the same characteristics
  • We are plugged into the same universal intelligence as the natural world   
  • Our thoughts and emotions are like the weather – temporary and always moving
  • How we feel has nothing to do with anything outside of us
  • We have the capacity to thrive, despite how we feel

If you support children in your setting or organisation, and you’d like to find out more about the Nature of You workshop, please contact me.