Everybody loves freebies! 😁 Here you’ll find downloadable pdfs and links that I’ve put together which includes ideas on how you can help your children if they are suffering, plus nature based and outdoor activities that you can do with your children to reconnect you and them to each other as well as the great outdoors. I hope you’ll find these resources useful. Keep checking back because I’ll be adding to it regularly.

Back To School Tips. We’re living in very strange times at the moment and the new way of living may have affected you and/or your child, especially on returning to school. This PDF is a practical guide to exploring how nature can help bring you back to balance and see things from a different perspective.

‘Things to do in October’ workbook. This is a five page workbook that you can print off and work through with your children as you explore together the natural world that’s on your doorstep.

Pinecone Garland. Autumn is a fantastic time to collect things from nature to make some natural crafts. Something you’ll find a lot of on the woodland floor at the moment is pinecones. You can make many lovely things with pinecones, but here I’ve put together a step-by-step guide on how you can make a beautiful pinecone garland.

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