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My Credentials

My coaching is based on the fundamental truth that we all operate from the inside out, and that we are all connected to a universal energy. I have been exploring this inside out understanding since the early part of 2014, immersing myself and going deeper through training programmes, reading material and videos. Here’s some of the official programmes and professional qualifications I’ve undertaken.

Dr Amy Johnson – Life Coach Training 2016 
Dr Amy Johnson is a psychologist and life coach who’s life and career shifted dramatically with an understanding of innate wellbeing.   Her book, ‘Being Human’ was one of the first that I came across in this field and it gave me my first duel ‘aha’ (insight) and Homer Simpson ‘doh’ (as in it’s so obvious how did I not see this before!) moments around the nature of thought.  In 2016 I undertook Amy’s Life Coaching course.  

Coaching Connect – Education Apprenticeship – February – August 2017 
Liz Scott and Stu Newberry of Coaching Connect, have been coaching for 13 years.  When they came across the inside out understanding in 2013, they completely shifted away from the traditional way of coaching as it just didn’t make sense to them anymore.   As well as offering 1:1 coaching, Liz and Stu work mainly in education, sharing this understanding with leaders in schools.   I am one of a handful of people undertaking their EdApp course, which is a mixture of live training, events, mentoring, coaching, assignments and so much more!  Their knowledge and support is invaluable to me as a coach. 

The Spark Initiative, Spark Mentoring Training Programme, 2017 
I am a Certified Spark Practitioner and member of the Spark Initiative which offers ongoing support in delivering the inside out understanding to children in primary and secondary schools.  This curriculum is evidence based and has been developed and used in the United States with great success by the Spark Initiative.  It is being rolled out to facilitators across the globe, for delivery in schools and youth organisations. 

Youth Worker, Hayle Youth Project, May 2018 – February 2022 
1:1 and group Youth Worker for secondary school children. 

Trauma Informed Schools Practitioner – June 2021
In June 2021 I qualified as a TIS Practitioner. Being trauma informed means I am able to support children and teenagers who suffer with trauma or mental health problems and whose troubled behaviour acts as a barrier to learning. I am able to support children and young people by providing relationships for them that heal minds, brains and bodies.

SPACE Facilitator – March 2022
I am a trained SPACE Facilitator (Supporting Parents And Children Emotionally). SPACE is a five week programme which aims to help parents understand their own and their children’s emotional behaviours, using a trauma informed approach.

I am also First Aid qualified, Enhanced DBS checked through Cornwall Council, ASIST (Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training) trained through Living Works and have completed the Level 3 Awards in Education & Training and Information, Advice & Guidance (awarded by Ascentis), plus Level 3 Multi-Agency Child Protection: Domestic Abuse (delivered by Reconstruct).