About me

Hello.   I’m Jo Smith, The Wild Wellbeing Coach!

I work with children from primary through to secondary school age, supporting them in a group setting or on a 1:1 basis, as they navigate the different challenges that growing up can bring.

I believe my approach to coaching is unique because I turn the attention of the client to nature and explore how humans are a part of natural world.  Together we look at how humans and nature are one and the same energy and we have the same things going for us – the only difference is we can think…and that’s what gets us stuck!

I work from the fundamental truth that all humans are born with perfect mental health and that life works from the inside out.  In other words, we don’t experience life directly, we only ever experience it through the filter of our thinking and beyond our thinking, is the untouchable part of us that never changes.

My focus is therefore on helping children to uncover their natural always-there wisdom, resilience, confidence, creativity, kindness and calm and by turning their attention towards nature, it can help them see this more clearly. 

Through my work, we look at how these traits are innate within all human beings and can’t go anywhere, only covered up at times as the natural ebb and flow of our thinking sways between a clear and cluttered state of mind all the time.

When they see how this is true for them (and everybody else), life naturally becomes easier because understanding how something works on a fundamental level, enables them to work out their problems for themselves.

The outcome of this means they are less reliant on others or the ‘right’ circumstances for their happiness, but rather they feel more grounded within themselves, empowering them to navigate any situation that comes up for them.

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