Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
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Welcome to Wild Wellbeing©️

Wild Wellbeing©️ is a unique concept focused specifically on fusing the understanding of how nature works with the understanding of how humans work in order to help children understand their mental wellbeing. Whilst the benefits of being in nature are widely documented, Wild Wellbeing©️ is not just about being outdoors. It’s about understanding on a deeper level that we’re all powered up by and connected to the same universal energy. By looking at how that energy plays out in the natural world, children can uncover more about who they really are and use what they’ve discovered to navigate their lives with more ease, even in challenging situations.

Helping Children Connect With Their Innate Wellbeing through Nature
The Wild Wellbeing approach is designed to help children reconnect with their innate wellbeing through the natural environment. More than just about BEING in nature, Wild Wellbeing looks at how we ARE nature. By fully understanding the similarities between ourselves and the natural world, children can go forward in their lives feeling supported with their emotional and mental wellbeing and with the understanding that they have everything they need to live their life to their full potential.

The Wild Wellbeing©️ Outdoor Programme
My Wild Wellbeing©️ Outdoor Programme is designed to help improve children’s mental wellbeing. It’s a 16 week programme for 7- 11 year olds, covering a range of relevant topics from connection and confidence to creativity and community. Through a mix of group coaching and fun and engaging nature-based activities, this programme will help children uncover the lessons that we can all learn from the natural world, and in doing so, they will start to see that just like nature, they are innately wise, resilient, connected, confident, creative, adaptable and built to thrive.

As well as delivering the Wild Wellbeing©️ Outdoor Programme, I also offer 1:1 coaching ( in person and online) and individual workshops.

If you’d like to find out more about Wild Wellbeing©️ and how it can support your child’s mental wellbeing please GET IN TOUCH.

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