Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
Nature be your teacher
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The Wild Wellbeing outdoor programme supports your child’s mental and emotional growth. It helps them to uncover their full potential and empowers them to make positive changes in their life. It shows them that they are resilient, confident and creative by design and that they have everything they need within themselves to thrive.

Is your child struggling with stress, anxiety or emotional challenges?
I believe that nature has a profound impact on children’s mental and emotional wellbeing and my unique Wild Wellbeing outdoor programme is designed to help children uncover their full potential, innate resilience and confidence and cultivate a deep sense of connection with the themselves, others and the natural world around them.

Why Choose Wild Wellbeing?
Nature as a Therapist: Harnessing the healing power of nature, the Wild Wellbeing outdoor programme provides a nurturing environment where your child can thrive mentally, emotionally and physically.
A Relaxing, Safe Space: During the spring and summer, The Wild Wellbeing outdoor programme is set in the peaceful surroundings of the ‘Field of Stars’ at Bortrea Farm, Newbridge. With a cosy bell tent, wild flower meadow and small woodland this is the perfect location for children to explore the natural environment, relax and feel safe. In the autumn and winter I am able to bring the programme to your setting on a smaller scale, with a gazebo. However it will be just as cosy and the content of the programme will be exactly the same.
Professional Facilitator: Led by myself, Jo Smith (a Trauma Informed Practitioner, Coach and Youth Worker) I am passionate about supporting your child’s wellbeing journey and helping them to realise their full potential.
Holistic Approach: Underpinned by a trauma-informed approach and an understanding that nobody is broken, I support the ‘whole child’ by facilitating collaborative discussions through coaching inquiry with immersive nature experiences and hands-on activities to demonstrate concepts, creating an integrated approach that addresses all aspects of your child’s wellbeing.

Small Group Setting: With personalised attention in small groups, every child who needs it, receives the individual support they need to flourish.

The Wild Wellbeing Space

Join the Wild Wellbeing Programme Today!
Take this opportunity to support your child’s mental and emotional wellbeing. Register now to find out about upcoming sessions.

I'm interested in finding out more about the Wild Wellbeing programme.

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